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Applications of climbers

Climbers On Arbors, Pergolas And Walls

Published: 02 May 2020, 18:57

The beauty of any garden can be greatly enhanced by growing climbers on various kinds of garden structures such as pergolas, arbors, trellises, arches, gates, lattices or tripods.Climbers are very flexible and can be easily encouraged to grow alon...

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Climbers Cultivated On Fences And As Screeners

Published: 02 May 2020, 18:48

Climbers create privacy while screening us out from neighbors, separate from bothersome roads and streets, and provide a lush cover. They keep away dust and fumes, and shelter the house from violent blasts of wind. When planted on fences, e.g. wir...

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Cultivation Over Natural Supports And As Ground Cover

Published: 02 May 2020, 18:44

Clematis feel at home growing through living supports, such as perennials, dwarf shrubs, bushes, and trees. They are natural companions in the wild and, as Nature is unrivalled in arranging the plantings for the best display, this manner of growin...

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In containers, on balconies and terraces

Published: 21 March 2020, 19:27

Cultivation in pots on patios and balconies. Many varieties of clematis are excellent for growing in containers on balconies, patios, lodges and such like. As a container you can use a large flowerpot, a bucket, a wooden box etc. It should have m...

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Clematis for cut flowers

Published: 21 March 2020, 19:13

Clematis make excellent fresh cut flowers. Arranged in a vase or floating in a bowl of water, they will bring beauty into every apartment. Their rich hues blend harmoniously, a sophisticated shape and delicately winding stems inspire charming com...

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