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Clematis for cut flowers

Clematis ‘Marie Boisselot’ (‘Mevrouw le Coultre’)

Clematis make excellent fresh cut flowers. Arranged in a vase or floating in a bowl of water, they will bring beauty into every apartment.
Their rich hues blend harmoniously, a sophisticated shape and delicately winding stems inspire charming compositions. In order to prolong the life of cut clematis, you should prepare them carefully. Select thick, woody stems with new blossoms (ideally if blooms are opened in around 70%). All leaves, or at least most of them should be removed from stems to reduce transpiration. Immerse whole shoots, together with flowers, in cold water (e.g. by putting them in a large bowl or a pot) for 10-12 hours, and subsequently put them to the vase.

Depending on a variety and outer conditions flowers should last for 3-14 days. Best suited varieties for cutting include :

Clematis ‘Kacper’ – seedheads

Other varieties, as well as botanic and herbaceous perennial clematis are also suitable for cut flowers.

Besides flowers, clematis produce attractive silky seed heads which form ideal components of dried arrangements, and are perfect for cutting and drying out. The following varieties are among those with the most decorative seedheads: