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Vinca minor ILLUMINATION ‘Cahill’

Dwarf Periwinkle ILLUMINATION 'Cahill'
Decoration form leaves, flowers (IV-IX)
Color of flowers blueviolet
Flowering month IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX
Annual growth 0.5-1 m
Aspect 3/4 sun, 1/2 sun, 1/4 sun, shadow
Frost hardiness Zones 5A - 9
Density on 1m2 10
Evergreen plant no

Attractive, evergreen variety of bright yellow, glossy, elliptic leaves with dark green margins, 2-3 cm long. Violet-blue flowers 2.5 cm in diameter. Free flowering from the end of April till May, continues until October. Yellow dioecious shoots, the sterile ones procumbent and rooted at the nodes create lackluster covers, the fertile ones elevated to about 10-15 cm, with flowers developing in the axils. Tolerates average soil but thrives in humous, moist but not water-logged. During harsh, snowless winters tends to freeze but it regenerates well.
It’s a great cover plant for shaded and semi-shaded sites, although when amply watered it thrives also in the sun, achieving better colouring. It looks well in hanging baskets or boxes.