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Actinidia arguta ‘Ananasnaya’ syn. ‘Anna’

hardy kiwi, kiwi berry (bower actinidia, tara vine) 'Ananasnaya' syn. 'Anna'
Decoration form edible fruits
Color of flowers white
Flowering month V, VI
Annual growth 2-3 m
Aspect sun, 3/4 sun, 1/2 sun
Frost hardiness Zones 5 - 8
Density on 1m2 ---
Evergreen plant no

Considered the best cultivar for commercial cultivation (Berry Kiwi, Mini Kiwi). Oval fruits, about 3 cm long and 2,5 cm across, with a brown red bloom when exposed to sunlight ,ripen in early October. They are very tasty and have an edible skin. It starts bearing fruit in the 3rd-4th year after planting. Sustains frosts up to –28oC. It requires a warm sheltered site and moist but well drained, fertile soil. In order to set fruit a male plant of the same species (e.g. male form ‘Weiki’) is needed in the vicinity. Actinidia climb by twining. It’s suitable for growing over various supports, arbours, pergolas and trellises or may be trained on wires stretched across poles. Particularly useful for house gardens, garden plots and production plantations.